Soil Testing & Custom Blends – R-WayAg Ltd.

Soil testing is normally completed in the fall to avoid last minute soil testing in the Spring. Fall is also when the most accurate reading of your soils’ deficiencies can be determined.

The purpose of soil testing your land is to determine the quantity of nutrients in the soil.

Seventeen probe samples are taken on each piece of land to get the most accurate readings for your crops’ needs. Every field and crop has a different nutrient content, and different nutrient needs. Those samples are then sent to a laboratory for a complete analysis.

The analysis will determine the types and the quantities of fertilizer you will need in the Spring in order for your crops to maximize its output. Knowing what fertilizer and how much of it you need helps us determine accurate custom blends for your fields, ensuring your crop will be fed the most effective nutrient combinations of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and sulfur to reach their full yield potential. When results are received, we will sit down with you to determine the best blend for your crop because top crop yield equates to better profits for your business.