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We’re a full service agricultural business that handles farm supplies, equipment, seed, feed, chemical, fertilizer and commodities.

We believe that making lasting contributions to the community is essential for a successful enterprise. 

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At R-WayAg, we strive on building and maintaining strong customer relationships with producers. The more products and services we can offer, the more convenient it will be for them. Being resourceful is an important tool for satisfying our customers' needs. Providing them with resources and information for current genetics and technology enables the producer to attain their goals.

We are proven, reliable, and progressive.


The long-term goal at R-WayAg is to maintain our reliability to a large customer base and to continue our progressive advancement in the agricultural industry.

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Production Contracts

R-Way Ag has multiple production contracts available to growers. The following contracts are available: Black Oil Sunflowers White Millet Red

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Twine & Net Wrap

We carry the following twine and net wrap for a variety of balers.​ Twine: ​ 4000’/400 LBS​ 40,000’/110 LBS​ 16,000’​ Net Wrap:​

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Soybeans Maizex Northstar Dekalb Canola  Invigor Dekalb Brett Young Nexera Canterra Cereals  Barley Wheat Oats Fall Rye Millet Triticale Corn

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Line of Masterfeeds Also a supplier of: Limestone Calcium (bags and bulk) Mistral Palm fat Copper and acidified copper Diatomaceous

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